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MATADOR ezBusiness Suite

MATADOR’s ezBusiness Suite helps you automate and simplify standard asset management (ezAssets), service desk operations (ezHelpDesk), human resource administration (ezHR) and recruitment management (ezRecruit) processes. Deployed as an on-site installation or as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, these web based applications are easy to use, cost-effective and completely configurable to your environment and your specific needs.

EzAssets Systems
ezAssets Systems EzAssets is a customizable solution built and owned by MATADOR to help you manage fixed assets, hardware and software inventory. Key features include:

  • Track and Manage assets – Hardware, Software and Facilities
  • Manage Warranties and Licenses
  • Record Asset Audit Trail
  • Invoice & Resister Asset Management
EzAssets System give you ease of managing all assets in one application whilst being able to have a complete overview of the inventory to optimize asset usage.

EzHelpdesk System
EzHelpdesk is a customizable solution built and owned by MATADOR to help you manage your Support Requests and/or Tickets through a Real Time Out of the Box Helpdesk Solution. ezHelpdesk Systems

Key Features include:
  • Optimize helpdesk analyst and management workflow
  • Maintain overview of Helpdesk Operations to Forecast Accurately
  • Enablement and Compliance to SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Security and Traffic Light Process of Management
  • EzHelpdesk System allows you to increase the productivity and efficiency of helpdesk staff whilst being able to monitor and achieve SLA compliance. Through this Dynamic Workload Management Tool you can speed up and standardize the resolution process (Internally or Externally).

EzHR System
EzHR System is a MATADOR powered web based solution that allows you to streamline and automate your standard HR processes through your internal Human Resources Information System. ezHR Systems

Key Features include:
  • Centralizes employee Information
  • Replaces paper-based processes
  • Functions as an Intranet Portal
  • TimeSheet & Work Schedule Management
EzHR is a user friendly and cost effective solution for all HR employees who need to automate their HR procedures through interaction amongst employees and further develop their corporate culture.

EzRecruit System
EzRecruit System is a solution for you as a client or employer to automate the entire recruitment process. ezRecruit Systems

Key Features include:
  • Management of Job Postings
  • Administration & Search Functionality of the Candidate Database
  • Review and Recommend applying candidates to your client or management team
  • Interview Logs
EzRecruit allows you to continue growing your candidate database, it minimises the time-to-hire and cost-to-hire with a streamlined and integrated solution to improve the overall candidate experience for hiring managers.

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