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Vigilare Best Practice & Risk Management Software

Vigilare Best Practice & Risk Management Software Data is everywhere. But what does it really mean? How can your business get true value from its knowledge and processes?

Audits. Processes. Policies. HR Induction programs. OH&S compliance. Events checklists. Risk checks. New account registrations. They’re all essential tasks for any organisation, but they’re not usually high on priority lists. And as organisations get larger, and expand across geographically, they become more complex to manage and control.

Obviously, it makes sense to use software to manage, capture and analyse risk – but Vigilare turns that idea on its head.

Vigilare provides the ultimate truth

Collecting data means many people need to commit to the process. If they don’t understand the process, or what the data will be used for, and if the process is cumbersome, preventing you from getting the whole truth.

With Vigilare you have the power to delve deeper into risks, audits, triggered events or claims, instantly.

Vigilare Best Practice & Risk Management Software What you then do with this powerful knowledge is up to you. But one thing is for sure – you’ll never walk out of a meeting again wondering whether you’re acting on real and relevant information.

  • Vigilare puts you back in control of your business processes. Instantly.
  • Visualize the data you collect during those processes. In real-time.
  • Unlock the truth behind every action and every reaction in your organisation. Today.
You need it when:
  • Your team is thwarted by unsolvable challenges and unknown factors
  • You’re told to act on data you know is meaningless
  • You have to wait weeks for IT to create a report on that data
  • You have to fill out endless paperwork, with no idea who actually uses it
  • You spend days compiling and analysing data, and you know there must be a simpler way
Vigilare can remove all those obstacles, worries and insanely time-consuming red tape. In an instant.

We couldn’t find a simpler way to manage risk. So we created it.

Vigilare is a web app platform like no other system or software.

It empowers creators

Vigilare Best Practice & Risk Management Software Manage any unknown factors, and solve any unsolvable problems in your business, using Vigilare. Review or collect valuable information within your business within minutes, not hours, from wherever you are, not whenever your IT department, software developers or programmers get around to it.

It engages users

Vigilare works because its design is so simple and beautiful to use. It makes any process more efficient and enjoyable, because it was developed with the end user in mind, rather than a singular, specific task. It’s highly intuitive, whether you’re creating a system or using it every day. And that improves the timeliness and accuracy of any data you collect.
  • Create, deploy and report on any process
  • Assess the success of any business activity
  • Manage your internal or external audits
  • Make your staff accountable for policy and procedure compliance
  • Gather the data you need to develop true insights for business growth.
Vigilare Best Practice & Risk Management Software Outcomes limited only by your imagination
  • Create, manage, access, analyse, review and share any data or activity
  • Reduce and mitigate risk
  • Run reports in real time, and communicate instantly
  • Develop a culture that truly believes in compliance
  • Reduce software fees
  • Increase productivity and efficient workflows
  • Make better business decisions and be proactive
  • Identify new business opportunities for future growth

What truth do you want to know today that will improve your organisation tomorrow?

CEOs and Managing Directors, COOs or Management Consultants, HR Managers, Franchisees, business analyst or auditors... You might work in financial services, hospitals, aged care, retail, hospitality, government, airlines, education or manufacturing.

Vigilare is for any organisation with any process, in just about any country around the world. It’s available in 65 languages, and it’s ready to deploy in your firm today.

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