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App / Software Solutions Utilising our ability to attract very highly skilled IT professionals, the approach of MATADOR is kept simple, leveraging our experience throughout Asia Pacific. We work closely with our clients as a “Trusted Partner” who is focused on designing and implementing solutions that will achieve your business objectives.

The key to our approach is our experienced high-power teams consisting of seasoned system professionals, market and industry sales professionals blended in with our history and solution offering adapting to both economic and demographic climates to enable our clients to reduce implementation costs whilst accelerating the knowledge transfer process for success.

We begin with an initial consultation phase that seeks to understand your needs. Having evaluated your needs, MATADOR will work with you to develop the IT solution and implementation plan that maximises expertise in both organisations.

Our approach fits the reality of business today. The pillars of MATADOR - Speed, Flexibility, Performance and Expertise have resulted in key partnerships with recognized clients and clients who have matured and grown since our inception through service excellence.

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